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Rose Bowl Kick-off 2001 Panorama  

Rose Bowl Kick-off 2001 Panorama.
This panoramic photo was shot with an antique, rotating, #10 Cirkut camera of the Purdue vs. Washington Rose Bowl game on a very clear Southern California day. The mountains are clearly visible around the Rose Bowl. We were able to coordinate with the score board operator to get the Rose Bowl logo on the score board, and we were also able to use the logo on the photo itself. Both look great! This is the first Rose Bowl that Purdue had appeared in in a very long time. The title on the print includes the date as: 01/01/01 This is an awesome photo! Available in 9.5" tall by 36" and 56" long. The white lines indicate what you would see if the picture was the 36" picture. SP_CFB_013
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Price: $69.00


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