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1993 Notre Dame Stadium Panorama  

1993 Notre Dame Stadium Panorama.
Classic Notre Dame Stadium panorama, Notre Dame vs. MSU. Taken from the corner, "Touchdown Jesus" and the Gold Dome are visible in this photo. This is the only spot in the stadium where you can see both landmarks at the same time. Taken in 1993, of Old Notre Dame Stadium before the big remodel. Owner retiring and selling all inventory at great prices. This photograph is available in 30" and 60". Normal price of the 60 inch long photo is $119. This panoramic photo was shot with a #10 Cirkut camera and traditionally contact printed by bringing the negative into direct with the photographic paper, not enlarged and is 5 feet long!!! Call us for a great deal on multiple images, 217-356-8994 SP_CFB_003.
The image you see on your screen is not as clear, and does not have as much resolution as the actual photograph you will receive. To see examples of the clarity of our photos, please click here.

List Price: $119.00
Price: $60.00


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