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Michigan Football Triple  

Michigan Football Triple.
Composite includes three panoramic photographs from the 100th Anniversary "Big Game" between Michigan and Ohio State. The first photo is of the Pre-game with the M-Club on the field lined up, the second photo is of kick-off for the game, and the last photo is of the student celebration of Michigan's victory over OSU. You may notice a few students near the South end zone taunting the few remaining OSU fans in the stands. Anyone who was there will probably remember the taunting chant that became very audible and very loud toward the end of the game:“Over-rated!”… “Over-rated!”… At this game there was a NCAA record crowd of 112,118. The Michigan Wolverines also became the 2003 Big Ten Champions. Available in 11" x 14", 16" x 20", and 20" x 24". CP_014
The image you see on your screen is not as clear, and does not have as much detail as the actual photo you will purchase. For a sample of the clarity of our photographs, please click here. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Price: $13.00


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