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1998 Notre Dame Stadium Panorama  

1998 Notre Dame Stadium Panorama.
Notre Dame Stadium panorama measuring 9.5" x 56" and shows the colossal size of the stadium and multitudes of Fighting Irish fans, along with "Touchdown Jesus" in the background. Shown here is one of the first games played after the stadium was remodeled. During the remodeling, the stadium was nearly doubled in size, and more or less rebuilt from the ground up. In this 1998 game, Notre Dame played Army. The white lines you see in the photograph show the outer edges of the 9.5" x 36" version of the photograph. This panoramic photo (not a poster) was shot with a #10 Cirkut camera and traditionally contact printed by bringing the negative into direct with the photographic paper, not enlarged and is 56 inches long!!! Owner is retiring and looking to find homes for many Notre Dame images. Call to get a great deal: 217-356-8928 SP_CFB_046.
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