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Rose Bowl 1998 - Kick Off Panorama  

Rose Bowl 1998 - Kick Off Panorama.
Michigan was triumphant over Washington State in this Rose Bowl game to win a share of the National Title. This photo clearly shows the mountains surrounding the Rose Bowl on a rare, clear day in Pasadena. Rain the previous day helped in clearing the atmosphere. The field was so wet that Rose Bowl Stadium management had a helicopter hover above the field for several hours to help dry the field. Michigan had a score of 21 and Washington State 16. No logo on the score board. We also did a "Celebration" photo after this game. This panorama was shot using a #10 Cirkut camera the print created by putting the negative in direct contact with the photo paper or traditionally printed. This is a very difficult and labor intensive method of printing which is no longer done. The photo is available in 9.5" x 36" or 9.5" x 56". The red lines on the photo indicate how long the picture would be if it was the 36" version. SP_CFB_021 Owner retiring and liquidating Michigan inventory, call 217-356-8928 to negotiate multiple image purchases!
The image you see on your screen is not as clear, nor does it have the details visible as the actual photograph you will purchase. To see examples of the clarity of our photographs, please click here. LaPayne Photography guarantees your satisfaction.
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