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RCA Dome, Indianapolis Colts

RCA Dome, Indianapolis Colts.
Indy takes on the Eagles at an NBC Sunday Night game at the dome, 11/26/06. The Colts defeat Philly 45 to 21 on their way to the Super Bowl.

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Price: $69.00


Super Bowl 41 -XLI- 2007 - Composite

Super Bowl 41 -XLI- 2007 - Composite.
A composite photograph on Superbowl XLI, highlighting the Indianapolis Colts, who won this Superbowl. CP_065

Price: $13.00


Indianapolis Colts at the Dome composite photo

Indianapolis Colts at the Dome composite photo.
This is one of our composite photos which includes an awesome panoramic image of the RCA Dome during the 11/26/06 game with Philadelphia.

Price: $13.00


Walter Payton Day at Soldier Field 1987

Walter Payton Day at Soldier Field 1987.
12/20/87 Walter Payton's last home game at Soldier Field in Chicago and in a tribute to Walter, the game was called Walter Payton Day. Photo measures 9.5" tall by 60" long. SP_NFL_001

Price: $119.00


Walter Payton Day at Soldier Field, Chicago

Walter Payton Day at Soldier Field, Chicago.
Soldier Field on Walter Payton Day in 1987. Walter's final home game as a Bear. 9.5" tall by 60" long. SP_NFL_002

Price: $119.00


Bears vs. Packers @ Memorial Stadium

Bears vs. Packers @ Memorial Stadium.
First ever, NFL Monday Night Football at Memorial Stadium, Champaign, Illinois! Now at a huge discount! This photo is 9.5" tall by 44" long and also comes in a shorter version which is 9.5" tall by 36" long. SP_NFL_003

List Price: $95.00
Price: $25.00


Bears vs. Saints

Bears vs. Saints.
Bears vs. Saints in 2002 at Memorial Stadium. This photo is 9.5" tall by 42" long. SP_NFL_004

Price: $69.00


Cleveland Browns 1990 - Anthem

Cleveland Browns 1990 - Anthem.
Big Sale! Inaugural game At Cleveland Municipal Stadium vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, 09/09/1990. 9.5" x 56" SP_NFL_005

List Price: $119.00
Price: $30.00


Mile High Stadium

Mile High Stadium.
Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado. 9.5" x 68" SP_NFL_007

List Price: $119.00
Price: $60.00


Super Bowl 34 -XXXIV- 2000

Super Bowl 34 -XXXIV- 2000.
9.5 inches tall by 44 inches long. Super Bowl XXXIV at The Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. SP_NFL_008

Price: $95.00


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