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Daytona 500

Daytona 500.
"The Great American Race" in 2002, Daytona 500 poster on heavy paper. 14" x 36" PO_006

Price: $10.00


National Championship Rose Bowl Game

National Championship Rose Bowl Game.
88th Rose Bowl game and the National Championship game. Nebraska vs. Miami at the Rose Bowl Panorama. This poster is 14" tall by 36" long. PO_008

List Price: $10.00
Price: $5.00


Iowa Hawkeye's Kinnick Stadium Poster

Iowa Hawkeye's Kinnick Stadium Poster.
"A Night to Remember" in 1992 at Kinnick Stadium. 11" x 52". PO_009

List Price: $10.00
Price: $2.50


New York Skyline From The Brooklyn Bridge Poster

New York Skyline From The Brooklyn Bridge Poster.
NYC Skyline taken from atop the Brooklyn Bridge in 1988. This poster is 5" tall by 27" long. PO_010

Multiple Posters Special:
Price: $5.00


Las Vegas Composite Poster

Las Vegas Composite Poster.
Las Vegas composite photo poster with over two dozen locations uniquely assembled in a 20 x 24 inch poster. Now selling 3 for the price of ONE! PO_011

2 for 1 poster:
List Price: $9.00
Price: $2.00


PTHO Poster with Brown and Augustine

PTHO Poster with Brown and Augustine.
2006 "Paint the Hall Orange" poster featuring Dee Brown and James Augustine. This poster is 8" tall by 20" long. PO_012

2 for 1 poster:
List Price: $7.00
Price: $2.50


Iowa: Carver Arena Poster

Iowa: Carver Arena Poster.
Iowa's Carver-Hawkeye Arena Size 12" X 37". PO_013

Price: $10.00


Rose Bowl 2008 Kickoff poster

Rose Bowl 2008 Kickoff poster.
Rose Bowl 2008 Poster at kickoff Illinois vs USC 13.5" x 36" PO_014

Framing Option:
Price: $5.00


Rose Bowl 2008 Evening Poster

Rose Bowl 2008 Evening Poster.
Rose Bowl 2008 Poster USC vs Illinois 13.5" x 36" PO_015

Framing Option:
Price: $5.00


Manhattan Skyline Panoramic Poster

Manhattan Skyline Panoramic Poster.
Manhattan with Twin Towers. 12" x 50" PO_016

Price: $10.00


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