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Iowa Throwback Game Panorama.
Kinnick Stadium, Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Kent State, 2004. This game was promoted by the Iowa Athletic Department as the "Throwback Game". Old uniforms (from the '20's) were worn by the team, the cheerleaders and even the officials wore replica straw hats. Replica straw hats were given to thousands of people to give Kinnick Stadium a look from the past. The end zones were painted to look as they were painted early in the century. Many of the fans got right into the spirit and dressed in 1920's clothing for the game. And, the photo was taken with a #10 Cirkut camera that was made in the 1920's! The antique, rotating panoramic camera is a rare camera and no one uses them today. These prints are Contact Prints traditionally printed from direct contact with the cirkut negative, not an enlargement! This photograph is 9.5 inches tall by 30 inches long, and is taken from midfield. See the other images from this game including a triple image photo with shots from three different angles of Kinnick. SP_CFB_051. Owner retiring. Call for a discount on the purchase of more than one print.
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