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Manhattan from atop the Brooklyn Bridge Panorama.
This stunning New York City Skyline was taken from atop the Brooklyn tower of the Brooklyn Bridge on a beautiful day. It took a lot of effort to get to the top of the Bridge, but it was worth it! The Brooklyn Bridge was undergoing extensive repairs and renovations, including some new cables. While the work was in progress scaffolding was erected in a closed traffic lane on the bridge. My assistant, (retired iron worker) Frank Esposito and I climbed to the top of the scaffolding with the 40 pounds of Cirkut camera equipment. The climb was about 50 to 60 feet, at that point there was an opening in the masonry of the Bridge and a narrow, chimney like passageway led to the top of the Bridge. It was another vertical climb of about 40 feet through complete darkness into the bowels of the Bridge. Then the cavelike passageway changed from vertical to about a 45 degree angle of ascent, then vertical again, then you were on the top. Most of this done by touch in total darkness in a very confined space, not knowing what you might grab onto in the darkness. We walked the main support cable back down to the roadway and the equipment was lowered via a winch and bucket used for hauling tools up to the work crew. This photograph is available in 9.5" tall by 72" long and a shorter version which is 9.5" tall by 36" long. SK_EAC_008-color
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