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Wrigleyville Classic, Football @ Wrigley Field - end zone.
SP_CFB_100 Wrigley Field on November 20, 2010. The University of Illinois Fighting Illini football team had the unique opportunity to play at Wrigley Field in Chicago against Northwestern. This image was taken from the West end zone where in the right corner home plate is placed. The Illini were victorious over the Northwestern Wildcats with a score of 48 to 27 in front of a Wrigley Field crowd of 41,058. In concern for player safety both teams went on offense in the same direction straight towards the camera vantage point because the East end zone ended right at the brick wall in right field. This panoramic photo is available in a size that is 36 inches long and 9.5 inches tall. This is an actual photo printed on photographic paper and is much clearer than what you see here on your computer screen. To see examples of the resolution of our panoramic photographs, please click here. We at LaPayne Photography insist on your complete satisfaction!
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