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Mets Opening Day 1987 | Shea Stadium Panorama  

Mets Opening Day 1987 | Shea Stadium Panorama.
Unique panorama of the Mets raising the 1986 World Series Championship flag. This #10 Cirkut panorama was shot from an elevated platform set up just outside the center field wall and is a very unique view on Opening Day, April 7, 1986. Special permission was given by the Mets to get this photo and to have the elevating platform available for the photographer to use. The #10 Cirkut camera is a rare, antique, rotating panoramic camera that exposes a piece of film that is 10 inches tall by 60 or more inches long! Contact prints are then made from the negative. No one prints like this any more and virtually no one uses the Cirkut camera. However, these are traditionally printed 10 inch, Cirkut prints offered here at a huge discount to move this old inventory before the photographer retires. Get yours now, they won't be around later. Receive a free World Series poster with any purchase. This panoramic photograph is 9.5 inches tall by 60 inches long. SP_MLB_058
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