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Hockey at Michigan Stadium - Empty Stadium 48 inch  

Hockey at Michigan Stadium - Empty Stadium 48 inch.
This panoramic photo shows off the recently enhanced Michigan Stadium just prior to the The Big Chill hockey game matching up Michigan against the men in green from Michigan State on December 11, 2010. The Wolverines sent the Spartans home to E. Lansing with a 5-0 defeat and set a new attendance record for Michigan Stadium and a new world record attendance by packing in 113,411 hockey fans to watch the matchup. The weather was great for hockey and to bring the crowd into town, not too warm, not too cold. 9.5" tall by 48" long. SP_HKY_011
The panoramic photo you see on your screen is not nearly as clear, and does it have as much detail as the actual photograph you will purchase. To see examples of the clarity of our photos, please click here. At LaPayne Photography, we guarantee your satisfaction.
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