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Chicago Skyline 9/9/99  

Chicago Skyline 9/9/99.
This photo was shot on September 9, 1999 (9/9/99) It was taken in Chicago on this date because our Wrigley Field photo taken on 8/8/88 was very successful, so we had to commemorate this date. The weather on this day was terrible, but I set up the camera on the rooftop of the Montgomery Ward building, much to the surprise of the security guy. He couldn't believe I was going to take a picture on such an overcast day, but I told him "sometimes you get surprised." As it turned out, the sun dropped below the clouds, but above the horizon for about 3 minutes. The photo you see here was the result of that 3 minutes, and it was spectacular. Luckily, I had three cameras set up and ready to go for the frantic photo shoot. It is a beautiful sunset shot of Chicago skyline with setting sun casting a golden glow on the city. Notice the beautiful purple shaded clouds. SK_MDW_004
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