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Drakensburg Mountains  

Drakensburg Mountains.
This is a panoramic photograph of the Drakensburg Mountain Range. It is located in the south east portion of Africa, and is part of Natal National Park. This is a park that was visited by Queen Elizabeth in the 1940s. The photo you are viewing here was taken from a nearby hilltop. We had planned that the best time to take this photo would be sometime soon after sunrise. We waited in anticipation to see when the light would be the best, and make the Drakenburg Mountains look the most beautiful. The photograph turned out great; however, it was quite an eventful ride to our destination. The mountain we had to drive up to get there was extremely narrow and winding, and our African guide was not the best driver for the job. Many times we thought we were going over. It measures 75" long by 9.5" tall. SC_AFR_001.
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