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"The Grand Concourse" at Grand Central Station 2  

"The Grand Concourse" at Grand Central Station 2.
The second of two shots taken of the "Grand Concourse" of Grand Central Station in midtown Manhattan. Nearly identical to it's counterpart. This photo was taken after the 1994 renovation, which cost $197 million dollars. It was shot from the balcony overlooking the main hall. This is a traditionally printed, #10 Cirkut print, a contact print. No one prints like this any more, including us! Measures 9.5" x 56" IN_TRC_002
The image you see on your screen is not nearly as clear, nor does it have as much detail as the actual photograph you will purchase. To see examples of the clarity of our photographs, please click here. You will be delighted with your purchase, satisfaction guaranteed.

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Price: $50.00


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