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Ground Zero, NY 5/30/02  

Ground Zero, NY 5/30/02.
On May 30, 2002, salvage and cleanup work was declared "complete" and a ceremonial "last beam" and "last remains" were taken from the site. On this day of transition, a brief memorial service was conducted. Thousands of firefighters and police officers lined the West Side Highway, while a short ceremonial procession exited the "pit." It then drove past a huge assembly of family members and friends gathered for the solemn remembrance. News media from around the world gathered on the rooftops across the street from "Ground Zero" on the World Financial Center. It was from WFC #2 that this photo was taken surrounded by TV crews from Japan and Canada. This photo was run in the New York Times more than one page wide and about one third of a page tall or 18 inches wide by 8 inches tall!!! It was a huge photograph, the second in less than a month published by the world's largest newspaper. FF_GRZ_005.
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