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Ground Zero, one month after  

Ground Zero, one month after.
10/12/01 Shot from the inside of World Financial Center #3, this photo includes the Verizon building and most of the buildings that were the World Trade Center. Many details may be seen in this photo like the revolving doors that went from the Customs House to the World Financial Center, crossing over the West Side Highway. Look for this near the middle of the photo. The cross that was found in the rubble formed from steel I-beams is near the bottom middle. There is still a fire burning in the photo and they had to put water on it as they dismantled the mess of metal that was the World Trade Center towers. The photo was published in the NY Times newspaper on May 3, 2002 about 4 inches tall and over one foot wide! This photo is 9.5" x 42". FF_GRZ_002
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