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Ground Zero 11/22/01  

Ground Zero 11/22/01.
Ground Zero taken on November 22, 2001 from the World Financial Building #1. If you look closely, you can see piles of debris still burning even after over 2 months has passed. The orange/red coverings on the buildings were put up to prevent glass from falling and killing innocent bystanders. The sheets kept the glass that did fall close to the buildings instead of having the glass drift out and hit someone walking down the street. Trailers and cranes were parked all along the West Side Highway. Visible straight across from where the photo was taken is the Century 21 building which sustained some damage. The destruction that was seen here is on such a bigger scale than anyone can imagine. Workers that are down in the pit are the size of an ant. At the right end of the photo are the photographer, his daughter, and a police officer that escorted the two to that spot on the building. Security was still very tight when this photo was taken and the police officer kept a close eye on the photographer making sure nothing was going on that he didn't know about. This photo measures 9.5" x 54" and is the largest of the ground zero shots. This photo was published 2 pages wide in the NY Times book: Nation Challenged, A Visual History of 9/11 and its Aftermath. The photo was run 6 inches tall and over 19 inches long! FF_GRZ_001
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