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Champaign Fire Dept. at Station  

Champaign Fire Dept. at Station.
After management permission was given to do this panoramic photo in front of CFD headquarters, and everyone was in place, we got a medical call so Rescue 18 had to leave. Fortunately, it was not a call that took long to resolve, so they got back for this panoramic photo of the fleet. All of the apparatus in this photo has not been retired. Truck 114 located on the left end of this photo now resides in a field near the former Miner Egg farm. The Pirsch, Squrt pumper designated as 115 in this photo still resides in Champaign and is driven in parades in town from time to time. It is owned by this photographer and was the original piece of apparatus that I was assigned to on my first day on the job at CFD in 1978! This photo was taken in 1997 in front of Station One in Champaign. As a result of the success and satisfaction with the result, permission was given to do an additional panorama of the fleet when CFD has all Pierce apparatus. So, this photographer/firefighter waited until there was a cloudy Sunday when the activity would not interfere with training and got the job done in fall of 1998. This time, no calls! Available in 9.5" x 64" FF_FAP_016
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