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Memorial Stadium Renovation Panorama  

Memorial Stadium Renovation Panorama.
Memorial Stadium during the major renovation which included, new ramps, new restrooms, new press box with suites, new precast concrete bleacher seating and much more.... This panorama was shot using a #10 Cirkut camera the print created by putting the negative in direct contact with the photo paper or traditionally printed. This is a very difficult and labor intensive method of printing which is no longer done. One other image from the renovation is available but not on the website as is a panoramic poster that was also printed and will be shipped for free with any purchase. CL_ILL_009 9.5 inches tall by 69 inches long. The image you see on your screen is not as clear, nor does it have as much detail as the actual photo you will purchase. To see samples of the resolution of our photographs, please click here. We guarantee your satisfaction.
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