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Wrigley Field, Chicago First Night Game, 8/8/88  

Wrigley Field, Chicago First Night Game, 8/8/88.
On August 8, 1988, the Chicago Cubs scheduled the first night game ever to be held at Wrigley Field. On that date, 8/8/88, baseball history was made as the Cubs played for the very first time under artificial lighting. As the game was beginning a thunderstorm developed near the stadium. Those clouds are visible between the lights. Early in the game, rain began to fall and the game was called off. This photograph was taken from an elevated platform across the street from left center field. It includes the famous rooftops, ivy walls, and the old mechanical scoreboard. This photograph is found hanging in many restaurants and offices across the country. It has been one of our most popular photographs to date. The picture is available in 9.5" by 69". The white lines on the photograph represent what you would see if you bought the shorter version. We have also made a poster of this photo. SP_MLB_015
The electronic image you see on your screen is not as clear, and does not have as much detail as the actual photograph you will purchase. To see a sample of the amazing detail in our photographs, please click here. LaPayne Photography, we guarantees satisfaction on your purchase!

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