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"Roar To Zora" Panorama  

"Roar To Zora" Panorama.
Bloomington Gold: This 5 foot long panoramic includes some of the most special corvettes ever built by Chevrolet. Included in this group are several corvettes that had racing careers including the "Cerv" owned by Mike Yeager. Also in the foreground of this picture, is the yellow corvette that Zora built for his wife. Very Special photo of a very special collection of "Zora" 'Vettes! This photograph is 9.5 inches tall by 60 inches long. WH_COR_003
Your screen image is not as clear, nor does it have as much detail as the photo you will purchase. To see a sample of the resolution of our panorama photographs, please click here.LaPayne Photography guarantees your satisfaction.

Price: $119.00


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